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Werner Truter is a psychic medium in Cape Town, South Africa. His boutique consultancy firm, Werner Truter Management offers unique services in the fields of both psychic readings and PR/ management consulting.

Our services are twofold: on one hand, we use unique clairvoyant abilities to offer highly-personalised consultations and readings for both individuals and companies from all backgrounds. On the other, we employ industry-leading PR management practices to expertly handle the public profiles of celebrities and companies. In some cases, these skill sets are combined. Our service offerings include: 


  • Photo readings 

Our mediums do not use the commonly recognised tools and methods of clairvoyance, such as tarot cards. Instead, we specialise in picking up on, and interpreting the subtle energies around photographs, in order to provide deeply insightful readings for clients regarding loved ones and life events. We will be able to give you the information you seek by examining any photos you can provide. We can provide these readings in a number of ways:

  •        Face-to-face readings

You may either meet with us at our Cape Town offices - or another venue of your choosing - or we can consult via FaceTime or Skype. Our client base is truly international and, in addition to providing readings for people in South Africa, we have been consulted by people in countries as far afield as Canada and Australia, among others.

  •         Email readings 

Your hectic schedule may prevent you from being able to visit us for a face-to-face reading. Our team of mediums and clairvoyants can provide digital readings via email. This is much more convenient for you and you will receive your readings within 24-48 hours of sending us all the necessary details. 

  •        WhatsApp readings 

Our WhatsApp readings service allows you to seek the guidance and advice of your trusted psychics within minutes. Our mediums will always be available, should you need them, and they can provide you with insightful digital readings, sent to your mobile phone, within the shortest possible turnaround time. 


  • Corporate readings 

We do not only work with individuals. We have offered guidance to corporates for years, providing bespoke readings for them on topics ranging from brand launches to recruitment, mergers and acquisitions, to helping them get a feel for their competitors. We can provide insightful answers to all the questions, challenges and turning points that companies face.


  • Publicity Management

The right publicity can take you places

Our PR and media management services are designed to showcase your business in the best light. Benefit from our years of experience and our expansive network. 

  •      Press release writing

As part of our PR and media management services, our team of talented publicists and copy writers can whip up an engaging and informative press release for any development you wish to have released to the media. We are partnered with numerous distributors and we can make sure your press release is perfectly written and reaches the ideal audience.


  • Recruitment Management

Using both established recruitment practices and the deep insights that arise from psychic readings, Werner Truter Management can consult and advise companies on the best candidates for their vacancies. This is a unique and incisive recruitment methodology that will get you the right person for the job every time.

If you need the services of a psychic medium in Cape Town, South Africa or elsewhere in the world, or are looking for a tailored PR management solution, Werner Truter Management can provide all you need.

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