Being kind to yourself is the key to entrepreneurial success

Being kind to yourself is the key to entrepreneurial success picture

By Werner Truter

There is no single sure shot formula to becoming a successful entrepreneur. Many factors go into the making of one and very often entrepreneurs cannot figure out what is the topmost key factor that enables them to achieve entrepreneurial success.

Even if we compile a long list of characteristics and factors that will make one a successful entrepreneur, one person cannot have all the factors thought of. This is why it is important to identify that one solid factor that can help bring the effects of other success factors into action. Over time, experts in the industry have been able to zero in on that - being kind to yourself.

Kindness is a highly underrated virtue

It’s often said that you need to analyze yourself with a microscopic lens if you wish to identify all your shortcomings and improve things in your startup. This strategy might work for some however, in the long-term, it can be quite draining on your energy as well as your emotions.

When you keep finding minuscule mistakes in your daily work you base your self worth out of business results and outcomes. Now, business is a volatile industry and results aren’t always top notch. Basing your self worth on this parameter makes you highly anxious and unable to improve yourself in a positive and sustainable way.

Free yourself of constant self belittling

When you are kind to yourself about your work you are able to look at issues more objectively and can then solve them in a highly structured manner. You identify with kindness the gravity of the problem or the next hurdle to be tackled and can then actively nurture the problem in a positive direction in a way that is highly sustainable. The key thing about being kind to yourself is that it also reflects in the people you are working with.

Managing employees with kindness shows empathy and respect and helps you not just build better products but also better teams and a better company.

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