A picture paints 1,000 words

By Werner Truter Management · Dec 12, 2020
A picture paints 1,000 words picture

Without wanting to oversimplify what is obviously a complicated matter, I think it’s safe to say that everything within and around us is all about energy. Even matter is just energy vibrating very slowly. Everything we say and do, each one of our thoughts and feelings, has its own energy. Every person has a unique energy that leaves traces on everything it comes into contact with.


No matter what particular method a psychic uses – from channeling to reading tarot or tea leaves – they use their ability to receive and interpret different kinds of energies. Most people are not in tune with these energies or, if they are, are not able to understand them, which is what brings them to us.


Unless a psychic has full clairvoyance or clairaudience (i.e. the ability to see or hear energies unassisted) we generally need some kind of visual, audial or tactile aid to help us connect to the energies we are trying to reach. When you shuffle or cut a tarot deck, or even just sit across the table from your reader, you are bringing your energy into the room and into the deck – energies you usually don’t even know are there, but which present themselves, through the guidance of external energies, in the story that comes out on the cards.


In my practice,  my preferred aids are photographs. Photographs are powerful energy bearers. Photos of loved ones can evoke our memories of past events, as well as all the emotions we associate with those people and events. They can also capture the energies of their subjects. This energy, when picked up and interpreted by someone who is sensitive to them, can reveal information about you, your friends and your family.


It isn’t even necessary to have physical copies of a photograph. In fact, these could confuse matters, because they may carry a lot of energy from people who have touched them, held them and spent time looking at them. The point is to access the energies of people in the photographs, particularly those who have passed on. It’s incredible how just one photo can open up the floodgates of information and emotion, but when you consider the importance we place on our family photos and the memories they capture, it stands to reason.


When it comes to photos and their ability to capture powerful energies from our lives and loves, the old cliché is completely true: pictures really do paint 1,000 words.

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