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Life is unpredictable... more so for people in the limelight. 

Are you a celebrity, politician or businessperson who’s seeking some guidance and insight to help you navigate this uncertain terrain? You’ve come to the right place. Werner Truter Management is a team of psychic mediums based in Cape Town, South Africa. We can provide deep, insightful readings to clients around the globe, shedding light on those darker and more uncertain areas of life, and hopefully providing solutions for clarity and renewed purpose.

We have been mediums for many years. By bridging the gap between the past, present and future, our psychic readers will be able to provide the guidance you seek, to take informed personal and professional decisions.

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Readings for every field

At Werner Truter Management, our group of highly-reputed mediums, psychics have extensive experience conducting readings for people from diverse backgrounds. Whether you’re a budding artist who’s keen to know about his career or a famed actor who’s searching for love, we can help you ease your fears about the future by providing a clear reading.

Our experts are wellness coaches and it is your soul, your spirit that we treat. We have expertise doing readings for people from across the world and we can give you a culture-specific interpretation of your reading.

And you don't have to be a celebrity! We reads for people from all walks of life.

5 reasons you should choose Werner Truter Management for your next reading

  • Plenty of years’ of global expertise in the field.
  • Boutique firm with highly customisable mediumship reading packages.
  • Experience doing readings for all types of celebrities - Hollywood movie stars, celebrity chefs, singers, directors etc.
  • Able to do readings for career, relationships, health, family and more.
  • Complete, 100% medium-client confidentiality.

Now you never have to wonder about the future of your company

We are helmed by a talented celebrity publicist who has extensive experience working with A-listers and corporate moguls. In fact, many members of our team have been actively involved in the corporate sector, doing readings for some of the biggest luxury businesses in the world. Whether you need advice about tackling competition or you need guidance about hiring the right people, you can rely on us for insights and guidance.

We offer readings before brand launches as well and we can tell you the outcome you can expect, before you launch. Our packages are highly personalised and we offer mediumship readings that are perfectly suited to your requirements.

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Werner Truter




Werner Truter, born and bred in Cape Town, South Africa is a well-known medium in his home city, and also has extensive talents and experience in the Corporate sector. His abilities as a medium were awakened by an unfortunate accident in his family when he was 13 years old. This tragic event affected him to such an extent that he began noticing objects moving around the family home, in addition to other ESP experiences, which he was unable to make sense of at the time. 

With help and training from other gifted Mediums, he started developing his natural abilities. These include Clairvoyance (Clear Vision), Clairaudience (Clear Hearing), Clairsentience (Clear Feeling), Clairtagency (Clear Touching), and Clairempathy (Clear Emotion).

Over time, Werner became known for his easy going, compassionate nature and no-nonsense way of bringing clients comfort during his readings. He developed close connections to Hollywood stars and celebrity chefs, while also pursuing a career in the corporate sector. All of these factors led to him becoming an exceptionally talented celebrity publicist, as he also obtaining experience in the various sectors of business management. While being brilliant in the work he does with individuals and businesses, his international clientele list and knowledge puts him in a movie star bracket of his own. 

His readings are extensive and precise and when it comes to business readings, they are tailor-made to incorporate all questions and strategies that may be under question. He is well traveled in the Middle East, Asia, USA, UK and across the African continent. 

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